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Meet Our Team



Scott Grotbo
Founder & President

Scott is currently serving as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Illinois Air National Guard, Peoria, IL. A veteran with over 26 years of service as an Air Force Special Warfare Operator, Scott brings his knowledge and experience of veteran resiliency into creating the foundational mission of Moraine View R&R. His desire is to continue serving veterans through education in licensed counseling and other programs aimed at veteran resiliency. Scott’s upbringing in the Midwest countryside is at the heart of his inspiration to provide the ideal retreat location to veterans.

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Warren Sky
Vice President

Warren is an 18-year veteran of Air Force Special Warfare.  Traveling his own post-military path, he has a first-hand view of how important resiliency is to current and veteran service members.  As a PADI Master SCUBA instructor and USPA Tandem skydiving instructor with over 15,000 jumps, Warren brings his experience in using recreational activities means train mindset and perspective.   These are two key components to enduring resiliency.  Ever the explorer, Warren continues to look for opportunities to challenge himself and continue to develop his own resiliency with the hope that he can serve as an example to others of what is possible with the right outlook.


Mike Walsh
Board Member

Mike is the founding partner of Structure Capital, a San Francisco-based venture capital firm. Since founding the firm in 2013, Mike and his team have invested in more than 150 companies. With a background in engineering, sales, and finance; Mike likes to leverage his skills, experience, and relationships to help people who do good for others. As a long-time supporter of various charities and an investor in mental health companies; Mike sees the need to support those who have given so much of themselves. 


Andrew Golomb
Treasurer & Secretary

Andrew is a Managing Director at Bank of America's Global Principal Investments Group. In his role managing a private equity portfolio of venture capital investments, Andrew brings over 20 years of financial and governance expertise, including holding more than 15 corporate board seats. In addition, Andrew’s philanthropic executive committee experience with Ducks Unlimited Charlotte and United Way of the Central Carolinas will be valuable in his stewardship of Moraine View R&R’s mission. Andrew is excited to be part of Moraine View R&R to support his long-time and close friend Scott, to say thank you to and listen to the experiences of veterans that have served our wonderful country, and to introduce others to the bucolic splendor where he grew up.


Samantha Norville 
Board Member

Samantha "Sam" Norville is a Captain in the Air National Guard in Peoria, Illinois and is a veteran with over 16 years of service. Sam has a Bachelor's degree in criminal justice and psychology, as well as a Master's in Human Development Counseling. With a wide range of experience in logistics, executive administration, victim services and veterans service programs, she is excited to support the Moraine View team and mission. Sam currently lives in Knoxville, Illinois with her husband, Travis, and two young kids, Max and Parker. 


Danel Behrends-Harr
Board Member

Danel is an experienced educator in Bloomington-Normal. She is passionate about creating spaces where her staff, students, and the families in her care feel celebrated. Her extensive background in social-emotional development directly informed the current direction of Moraine View staff members training. She empowered them to reach new career and leadership roles. 

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