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about US

With the alarming increase in veteran suicides, Moraine View R&R’s mission is to help veterans find a space to connect and experience individualized programs and services geared toward their interests. The Moraine View R&R organization was established in November 2020 by veterans and families of central Illinois to provide services free of charge to our veteran service members, both in and out of uniform, with accessible means to experience activities that allow for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual resilience.  As a non-profit organization, we work through grants, donations, and community support. In conjunction with the activities available, veterans will experience respite from their daily lives through the comfort of a rural retreat setting.


A fellowship retreat devoted to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strengthening through education and therapy, providing resilience to our nation’s veterans.

Our Vision

Achieve veteran resiliency through Midwestern rural retreat

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